Why Should You Learn Alteryx?


Being a Business Intelligence professional I am always at the verge of learning new technologies which can help me get my day-day job easier, productive and generate value.

However, this time I am about to talk about a tool which my colleagues actually praise about a lot and of course as the title and Image says it is "Alteryx". I can tell a story about this..

There was this colleague who was a Data Visualization developer and he always wanted to become a Data Engineer  too, but , he never liked ETL(Extract, Transform, Load) tools &  technologies like writing Stored Procedures and using other available technologies were overwhelming him and he felt it was not his cup of tea. As time passed, he moved on to a new company and there he was introduced to "Alteryx", now he likes Alteryx.

Today, he has become an "End-End" Data Engineer and a Data Visualization specialist and of course he is earning more too...hahaha

Anyways apart from the cool story, let me give you few reasons why you should learn Alteryx

1.Very Intuitive and Easy to Learn

Alteryx tool is pretty straight forward to understand and with a little training, it is easy to understand, EVALBI has been offering bootcamps in Alteryx and learners feedback is extraordinary and encouraging to see

2.Gartner Leader

Alteryx has been evolving continuously and has made a position in the Gartner Data Analytics Quadrants. Gartner is a reputed organization which evaluates different tools and shares a year report to the community.

3.Market Growth

 This is a personal perspective ,but as of this blog post writing day I see 3257 Alteryx related jobs in Glassdoor and 11,160 results in Linkedin. This goes to show what is the level of penetration this technology has and it is worth it to learn this technology. If you are looking to learn this try bootcamp in Alteryx from evalbi.


Alteryx community and forums is one of the strongest one I have seen. If there are any questions , I have seen people active solving those in the community. It shows the strength of the community and if anyone new enters into this field there is a good community support too.

Last but not the least, learning any ETL tool is good, then why not Alteryx , if it has all these feature sets.

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About the Author
Raghav is a Seasoned Data Analytics professional for 12 years now. His passion is Data Analytics . He loves talking, teaching and believes mentoring can help everyone to make this world a better place.


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