Why do you need a Mentor?


A person who is..








We all have skills and knowledge.We all want to grow and many people are confused how to grow?how to make use of their skills in the right way ..

A mentor is a person who is matured to understand the needs of a person,Educated and experienced in the field of study and work  to share what's going on around the world ,Nimble to listen your story,Talented to recommend the direction you need to take, Objective in defining the goals what you need to achieve and is reasonable in giving a realistic roadmap and target which is possible to help you grow.

In a nutshell a mentor can make you grow,succeed and help build your dreams your way.

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About the Author

Raghav is a Seasoned Data Analytics professional for 12 years now.He loves talking, teaching and believes mentoring can help everyone to make this world a better place.


Areas: Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Science,Startup.