How to build a Business Model Canvas?

 Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas is a tool which helps the Individuals, Teams and organizations understand or scope their business model in an efficient and a structured way.

We see entrepreneurs losing their direction and vision of their business 

We see business leaders not able to create new business cases for their respective business units

We see individuals having an idea but do not know how to put it in the right format.

and list goes on & on and On......

Business Canvas Model is "THE TOOL" to help you navigate your problem statements.

  • "Customer Acquisition" is a whole concept, but if you establish a relationship with the customer, you know where they hang out and establish a relationship
  • The model helps you identify the "Customers" who need your product and why will they buy. 
  • You can know the "Key Partners" whom you need to involve in your journey.
  • What is the "Cost Structure" model you follow i.e. A Subscription Model or what?
  • What are the different channels you earn money?
  • Most importantly you will learn what is "VALUE PROPOSITION" and once you know how you can add value to the organization you are in the right direction
You can always take the image from this blog as a starting point and you can start jotting down your approach, if you need help building this, EVALBI's Supriya Kalia who is an expert can be reached and she will be happy to help you

You can always comment below and I will do my best to answer your questions! Till Next time..Happy Reading

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